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Never worry about keeping your Laravel projects up-to-date again with a Shifty Plan subscription.

New releases of Laravel happen every week. Each brings new features, dependency updates, and core file changes. That's a lot to maintain yourself.

With a Shifty Plan you'll receive weekly and "mid-cycle" Shifts so you always stay up-to-date. There's nothing to do. You'll automatically receive a PR.

In addition, you may run the latest Laravel Shift, Laravel Fixer, and other Shifts. Plus get full-access to the Shift Workbench, custom webhooks, and more...

Screenshot of an automated pull request for the Laravel 8.23.1 security release
Shifting once a release was a huge timesaver, being able to completely automate upgrading my codebase is a gamechanger.
Joel Clermont

Joel Clermont, Owner - No Compromises

Here's everything you'll get

Shifts Included

Run the latest Laravel Shift, as well as an unlimited runs of the Laravel Fixer and other Shifts.

Weekly Updates

Automatically receive PRs with dependency updates anytime Laravel tags a new release.

Priority Queueing

Never wait again. With your plan, all of your Shifts are run immediately on an exclusive job queue.

Custom Automation

Leverage the Shift Workbench to run specific tasks for maintaining and refactoring your Laravel and PHP code.

API Integrations

Run Shift by setting up webhooks or trigger Shifts to run on-demand via simple web API calls.

Shifty Coders

Unlimited plan subscribers also gain access to the Shifty Coders community for additional support.

Shifty Plans

You're one step away from always being up-to-date.

Running Laravel 5.8 or 6.x?

LTS Single

Get your project up-to-date

$109 / 6 months

per repository


  • Laravel Shifts starting with Laravel 6.x
  • Automated Laravel Upgrades
  • Shift Workbench Access (Cloud)
  • API and Webhook Integrations
Running Laravel 8.x or 9.x?

Latest Single

Keep your project up-to-date

$99 / year

per repository


  • Laravel Shifts starting with Laravel 9.x
  • Automated Laravel Upgrades
  • Shift Workbench Access (Cloud + Desktop)
  • API and Webhook Integrations
Have more than 5 Laravel projects?

LTS Unlimited

Get all your projects up-to-date

$549 / 6 months

UNLIMITED repositories!

Plus receive:

  • Priority queueing
  • Access to Shifty Coders
Have more than 6 Laravel projects?

Latest Unlimited

Keep all your projects up-to-date

$699 / year

UNLIMITED repositories!

Plus receive:

  • Priority queueing
  • Access to Shifty Coders

Everything Plan

Managing lots of Laravel projects running various versions? This plan is for you. It's pretty straightforward – run any Shift for unlimited repositories. Plus get full-access to the Shift Workbench, webhooks, API, and Shifty Coders.

Satisfied subscribers

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Frequently asked questions

What Shifts can I run with each plan?

Both plans always include the latest Laravel Shift. Currently, this is the Laravel 9.x Shift. When Laravel 10 is released in February 2023, the latest Laravel Shift will become the Laravel 10.x Shift.

The Latest Plan includes: Laravel 10.x Shift, Laravel 9.x Shift, Laravel Fixer, Tests Generator, CI Generator, and Dependency Updater.

The LTS Plan includes: Laravel 6.x Shift, Laravel 7.x Shift, Laravel 8.x Shift, Laravel 9.x Shift, Laravel 10.x Shift, Upgrade Checker, Laravel Fixer, Tests Generator, CI Generator, Dependency Updater, PSR-4, and MySQL to MySQLi.

The Everything Plan includes, well, every Shift.

What if I have projects running Laravel 7.x?

You're right in between the plans. So it's your call.

It probably makes sense to run the Laravel 8.x Shift independently, then subscribe to a Latest Plan. Especially if you're interested in a license for the Shift Workbench desktop app (which is included with the Latest Plan).

What if I have projects running Laravel 5.8 or lower?

You may use the automated Shifts to upgrade your project to Laravel 5.8, then subscribe to an LTS Plan to take it the rest of the way.

If you have more than 6 projects running older versions of Laravel, consider subscribing to the Everything Plan.

Can I share a Shifty Plan with my team/company/client?


Once you subscribe to a Shifty Plan, you may invite other users to your team. You may even designate members of your team to manage your plan.

Why is the LTS Plan billed every 6 months?

Shift, of course, wants to help you run the latest version of Laravel. So instead of locking you into a plan for a year, an LTS Plan is 6 months so you may upgrade quickly then downgrade to a Latest Plan.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my Shifty Plan?

From the dashboard, you may manage your plan however you need – add more repositories, upgrade or downgrade your plan, as well as cancel or resume your subscription.

Does a Shifty Plan include Shifts for Docker?

Not at this time. If you're interested in a plan for the Shifts for Docker, please email

Have more questions?

No problem. Take a minute to browse the Shifty Plan videos or email for answers.

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