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Over 60 automation tasks to maintain and modernize the Laravel and PHP code you work on every day.

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The Workbench is the perfect tool to make tedious, common tasks easy. Refactor and streamline your code with a single button.
Bobby Bouwmann

Bobby Bouwmann, Author - Laravel Secrets

What is the Workbench, exactly?

Shift's primary focus is upgrading Laravel. But you might only upgrade Laravel once a year. That leaves a lot of time for your application to fall behind on the latest conventions.

You may, of course, run Shifts like the Laravel Fixer, but sometimes you may want to run automation in isolation.

You may also manage a few Laravel applications and want to normalize the conventions they use to keep them consistent.

Well, that's exactly what the Workbench does. Using the Workbench you may create custom builds from over 60 tasks and quickly run them on multiple applications to help maintain and modernize your Laravel applications.

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Just saved 2-3 hours using the Workbench. This is 100% worth the money.
Steve McDougall

Steve McDougall, Technical Lead -

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