Laravel Tests Generator

The Tests Generator automates the process of generating tests for your existing Laravel application.

While you could use artisan make to do this yourself, this can be a time consuming process. In addition, these commands only generate stubs. Shift performs analysis on your application code to intelligently generate model factories, HTTP tests, and real test cases.


  • A Laravel application running Laravel 6.0 or higher.
  • Must be able to run composer install from remote server.
  • Must be able to run artisan route:list without error.
  • Application must be free of PHP errors.

Test Generation

The Tests Generator automates the following testing components:

  • Verifies the default Laravel testing files are up-to-date.
  • Writes the factories for testing your application Models.
  • Generates HTTP Tests for your application Controllers complete with request setup.
  • Stubs Console Tests for your application commands.
  • Adds assertions for Form Requests to verify validation used within your application.
  • Configures a basic testing environment.
  • Installs helpful testing packages to generate and test additional components.

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