Does Shift upgrade everything?

Not everything.

Shift attempts to upgrade your Laravel application so you just need to run composer install. However, given the dynamic nature of PHP and the infinite customization of a Laravel application, this is not always possible. When Shift can not reliably perform an upgrade, a detailed comment will be added to the Pull Request for you to review.

Does Shift upgrade more than the Laravel Upgrade Guide?


The Upgrade Guide focuses on new features and breaking changes, treating the rest optional. Over time, following the Laravel Upgrade Guide accumulates technical debt.

Shift attempts to upgrade all changes. This ensures your project is fully up-to-date with your version of Laravel.

Should I merge each Shift before doing the next?


You should complete the upgrade for each Shift before moving on to the next. Doing so incrementally allows you to thoroughly test each version to ensure you don't miss something.

What if my project is not on Bitbucket/GitHub/GitLab?

Currently Shift supports Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab. Using these services allows Shift to easily access your Laravel applications and perform the upgrade on a separate branch for your review.

These services offer free public repositories. If privacy is a concern, Bitbucket and GitLab offer free private repositories. So there's nothing stopping you using Shift.

Why does Shift need full access to my repositories?

Having full access to your repositories allows Shift to be added as a collaborator automatically. This way the process can be seamless from start to finish.

Once you merge the Pull Request, you are welcome to deauthorize the Laravel Shift application and remove laravel-shift's access from your repository.

Does Shift keep a copy of my code?


Your Laravel application only lives on the Shift server during the upgrade process. On average, this lasts under a minute. Afterward your Laravel application is pushed to your repository and forcefully removed from the Shift server.

What happens if things go wrong?

During checkout, Shift will verify access to your repository and charge your credit card. If anything goes wrong you will receive an error message so you may resolve the issue.

Once checkout is complete, your Shift is added to the job queue. If a Shift fails, you will receive an email notification with some things to check on your side before trying to run your Shift again.

Does Shift offer additional support?


For quick support feel free to message @laravelshift on Twitter or email shift@laravelshift.com. If you need help upgrading your application, Shift offers human services.

Still have questions? Message @laravelshift on Twitter or email shift@laravelshift.com for answers.