Human Shifts

If you would like a human to review your Laravel application, help you complete your Laravel upgrade, or just upgrade Laravel for you, Shift offers that too. The creator of Shift is ready and at your service.



We'll pair program in two, 30-minute sessions. Perfect way to help you through the upgrade process and level-up your skills.




I'll help you start testing your application. I'll run the Test Generator, configure the test setup, and write initial tests.




I'll dedicate 3 hours upgrading your application. Especially useful for older versions or non-standard codebases.


How does this work, exactly?

How quickly can you get started?

Typically within 48 hours.

Do I also need to purchase Shifts?

No. Any Shifts needed to upgrade your application are included as part of the Human Service.

How long will it take to upgrade my application?

Well, it depends.

Small applications without many dependencies can be upgraded within 3 hours. Larger applications with several dependencies or customizations have taken up to 9 hours.

What if you need more time?

You may purchase additional Human Shifts at anytime. In fact, many mix and match - purchasing an Upgrade and Coaching.

Will my application be 100% upgraded?

I do my best to ensure your application is fully upgraded. But my focus is on the code.

Setting up your application in my environment takes time. Furthermore, you are more familiar with the features of your application. What has proven most effective is to reserve 15-30 minutes to hand-off the upgrade for review and use that time to resolve any final tweaks together.

Have more questions? No problem, email for answers.