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Human Shifts

And it's not just any human - it's JMac, the creator of Shift, working on your Laravel applications.

How does this work, exactly?

How quickly can we get started?

Typically within 48 hours.

Do I also need to purchase Shifts?

No. Any Shifts needed are included as part of the Human Shifts. That's over a $350 savings when upgrading old Laravel applications.

How long will it take to upgrade my application?

Well, it depends.

Small applications without many dependencies may be upgraded within a few hours. Larger applications with lots of dependencies or customizations may take around 20 hours.

What if I need more time?

You may purchase additional Human Shifts at anytime.

Will my application be 100% upgraded?

Yes, I do my best to ensure your application code is fully upgraded. But I don't necessarily review all of its functionality.

You are more familiar with the features of your application. Furthermore, setting up your application locally takes time. What has proven most effective is to hand-off the upgrade for review and make any final changes together.

Can I purchase hours now and use them later?

I ask that all hours be used within 60 days of purchase. This helps with planning on both sides and keeps us moving.

Have more questions?

No problem, email for answers.

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