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Convert from Lumen to Laravel

The Lumen to Laravel Converter automates the conversion of your Lumen application to a Laravel application. After the conversion, you will have a Laravel application with a laravel/framework dependency matching the version of the laravel/lumen-framework dependency from your Lumen application.

Once running Laravel, you may continue to upgrade your application to the latest version using the Laravel Shifts.

Using this Shift to convert your Lumen application has an estimated time savings of 2 hours.

Screenshot of a pull request with automated changes from the Lumen to Laravel Converter


A Lumen application.

Automated Changes

The Lumen to Laravel Converter automates most of the conversion process, including:

  • Updating the folder structure.
  • Adding the Laravel configuration files.
  • Bumping project dependencies for Laravel.
  • Converting Lumen framework code to its Laravel equivalent.
  • Adopting Laravel facades.
  • Detecting Lumen specific references.

Manual Changes

There are some conversions the Lumen to Laravel Converter can not perform automatically. Most notably converting database queries to use Eloquent.

When Shift detects any additional conversions it adds a detailed comment on the Pull Request to help guide any manual steps.

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