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Migrate to Spatie HTML

The HTML Converter automates the process of migrating from the abandoned laravelcollective/html package to the spatie/laravel-html package.

Using the HTML Converter to automatically migrate this dependency has an estimated time savings of 2 hours.

Screenshot of a pull request with automated changes from the HTML Converter


  • A Laravel application running Laravel 10.x or higher.
  • A laravelcollective/html dependency of 6.4 or higher.

Automated Conversions

The HTML Converter automates many of the changes required to migrate your code to use spatie/laravel-html, including:

  • Removing your laravelcollective/html dependency.
  • Adding the spatie/laravel-html dependency.
  • Converting the Form and Html facade calls.
  • Converting the undocumented Blade directives.

Manual Conversions

The laravelcollective/html package offered more shorthands for HTML elements, such as link. While Shift attempts to convert these, some may need to be converted manually. In addition, any custom macros will need to be converted manually. Shift will attempt to leave a detail comment outlining these additional steps in the PR.

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