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Staying up-to-date forever

Subscribe to a Shifty Plan to stay up-to-date and access additional automation tools.

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Getting started with your Shifty Plan

Add your repositories to your Shifty Plan so you may begin running Shifts against them.

Enabling automation for releases

Set up your repositories to automatically release Pull Requests for new releases.

Inviting users to your Shifty Plan

Add members to run Shifts or manage automation.


In addition to the Pay As You Go pricing, Shift also offers subscriptions. We call these Shifty Plans.

Shifty Plans are designed to help you keep your applications up-to-date forever.

There are two kinds of Shifty Plans - The CI Plan and the Upgrade Plan.

The primary benefit of a subscription are the Shifts included for one low price.

The CI Plan always includes the latest Shift + additional Shifts.

The Upgrade Plan includes Shifts going back to the previous LTS version + additional Shifts.

Choosing a plan depends on how outdated your application is.

If you're several versions behind or follow the LTS release cycle, then the Upgrade Plan will the most cost effective way to upgrade.

If you're only one version behind or typically stay up-to-date, get the CI Plan.

Remember, you may always run any additional Shifts first, then get a plan to upgrade the rest of the way. Once you’re on the latest version, save even more by downgrading to the CI Plan.

In addition to the Shifts, both plans include additional automation, custom webhooks, and full access to the Shift Workbench.

There are additional videos demoing each of these in more detail.

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