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Upgrade Checker

The Upgrade Checker detects outdated, deprecated, and incompatible code within your Laravel applications so you avoid technical debt by remaining fully compatible and up-to-date with the latest version of Laravel.


A Laravel application running Laravel 6.0 or higher.


The Upgrade Checker detects deprecations and recommendations from the Laravel Upgrade Guide as well as enhancements from Laravel Shift, including:

  • Verifying the Composer dependency for Laravel.
  • Analyzing configuration for outdated Laravel providers and aliases.
  • Identifying classes without a namespace.
  • Verifying core Laravel classes have the proper inheritance.
  • Finding references to outdated core Laravel objects and functions.
  • Identifying directories from former Laravel directory structures.
  • Searching blade templates for invalid tags, like {{{ }}}.
  • Detecting core Laravel deprecations.
  • Automatically updates basic syntax changes for Laravel 5.
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