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Gaining confidence with tests

Pair Shift with tests for the most automation.

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Incorporating Shift into your CI

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You really get the maximum value out of Shift when you have tests.

Shift helps automate the tedious aspects of upgrading and modernizing your codebase. But tests help automate verifying the changes.

Combining Shift with tests gives you the most confidence, for the least amount of effort.

All of the Git services Shift supports offer a CI pipeline. For example, Shift itself runs tests using GitHub Actions.

This builds the application, lints the PHP files, runs the PHPUnit tests, as well as the Dusk tests.

An example of this build.yml file is publicly available in a Gist.

Shift recommends running your tests whenever a Pull Request is opened. This way your tests are run whenever a Shift is run.

Once everything passes, you’ll get a nice green checkbox. Which provides that extra bit of confidence the changes are ready to merge.

If you don't have any tests, you may use the Tests Generator to jump start the process of testing your application.

It will review your code and intelligently generate test cases, including arranging the test setup and common assertions.

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