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Enabling automation for releases

Set up your repositories to automatically release Pull Requests for new releases.

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One of the additional benefits of a Shifty Plan is the release automation.

For any repository with automation enabled, Shift will track patch releases and other critical updates for the framework.

Any time these changes occur, Shift will automatically submit a Pull Request for your repository against your default branch.

For some frameworks, like Laravel, there are patch releases every Tuesday. These releases not only include new features, but sometimes core file changes.

So enabling automation is a great way to help you stay up-to-date even between major releases.

Of course you may view these PRs from your repository, or from the Shifty Plan Dashboard.

By default, Shift automatically closes any previous, unchanged PR when a newer release occurs to minimize the number of PRs and keep the focus on the latest version.

If you wish to completely disable the automation for a repository, you may do so from the Shifty Plan Repositories section.

If you wish to keep all of the automated PRs, you may disable this within the Shifty Plan Settings.

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