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Introducing Shift

Get started with Shift in three simple steps.

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Shift is an automated service for upgrading Laravel, Lumen, PHP and other projects.

You may think simply updating your dependencies is all you need to do, but many upgrades also require you to update your application code.

While you can follow the documentation, it is still a tedious process.

Shift automates the upgrade process making it faster and more thorough than doing it yourself.

In addition, Shift keeps its prices low making it a no-brainer for everyone to use.

To get started, sign in with your GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab account.

Shift requires write access to your repository in order to push a new branch and open a Pull Request.

Also note if you're planning to Shift a GitHub repository owned by an organization, be sure to also request access to that organization.

Once you're signed in, choose the Shift you want to run.

In this demo, I'm going to run the Laravel 5.2 Shift to upgrade a Laravel application from version 5.1 to 5.2.

I'll enter the repository and branch I want to upgrade.

If you're not sure the repository name you can find it at the top of your project or in the URL.

Shift will automatically create a new branch. So there's no need to make one yourself.

Complete your order by paying with credit card or you can send payment via PayPal.

After you checkout, your Shift is immediately added to the queue. Most Shifts complete within a few minutes.

When your Shift is complete, the dashboard will update with a link to the Pull Request.

The Pull Request contains all of the updates Shift automated in nice atomic commits, as well as comments for any additional changes you may need to review.

Many users consider these comments their own customized Upgrade Guide.

So that's Shift - it automated the upgrade from Laravel 5.3 to Laravel 5.4 in just a few minutes.

For more tips on working through the Pull Request, be sure to watch the Reviewing the Shift Pull Request video.

Sign in with any of the following services to connect Shift with your Laravel project.

Don't use one of these services?

Temporarily push your project to a free, private repository on one of these cloud-based services or upgrade your project locally with Shift for Docker.