Be confident upgrading doesn't break your Laravel application by adding tests with the new Test Generator.


Automated, instant Laravel upgrade services by an army of thorough bots and friendly humans too.

If you're running an old version of Laravel, this is the fastest way to upgrade.

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Here's how it all works

1 Sign in with Git

Sign into Shift using your GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab account to grant Shift access to your Laravel project repo. Don't worry, it's only temporary and you're in full control.

2 Choose your shift

Choose your desired Shift to upgrade Laravel from 4.2 to 7.0 and everything in between, enter your Git repo and branch to upgrade, and complete our simple checkout process.

3 Review the upgrade

Everything is automated from here. The upgrade is performed on a separate branch and a highly detailed Pull Request will be opened for your review in just a few minutes.

For 10 bucks, Shift is a no-brainer to upgrade your Laravel projects.

Must be expensive, right?

Nope. I want everyone to be able to take advantage of Shift, so I'm keeping the cost as low as possible.

Stay upgraded forever

Subscriptions to Shift start at:

$9 / month

  • Run Shifts for one low price
  • Gain access to the Shift CI tools
  • Enjoy priority queuing and support
Choose your plan

Pay as you go

Run any Shift from just:

$5 to $29

Update versions Modernize code
Check dependencies Generate tests
Run a Shift

The amount of time and mental power Shift saves is worth much, much more than the cost.

Still have some questions?

What if my project is not on Bitbucket/GitHub/GitLab?

Currently, these are the services which allow you to quickly connect your Laravel application to Shift.

All of these services offer free private repositories. So you can always push a temporary copy of your repository to run Shift.

Can I upgrade multiple versions at once?

No. This is by design to improve context and focus. Doing so incrementally allows you to verify each upgrade to ensure you don't miss anything.

For tips on completing Shifts efficiently and keeping your app upgradable, watch the Shift like a Pro and Maintaining Shiftability videos.

What if my boss/client/legal won't let me share my project?

I realize some code comes with policies or agreements which prevent you from sharing it in any way.

That's why I built Shift for Docker - so you can run any Shift against one of your Laravel applications entirely locally.

Does Shift keep a copy of my code?


Your code only lives on the Shift server while the upgrade process is running - less than a minute on average. After it completes, your code is forcefully removed from the Shift server. I'm talking rm -rf *.

Just purchased another Shift and am so happy that this service exists. You seriously MUST give it a try.

So, what's it going to be?

Watch a video

Sign in with any of the following services to connect Shift with your Laravel project.

Don't use one of these services?

Temporarily push your project to a free, private repository on one of these cloud-based services or upgrade your project locally with Shift for Docker.