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Modernize and refactor your Laravel applications conveniently from your command line.

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What is the Shift CLI, exactly?

The Shift CLI allows you to run automated tasks to modernize and refactor your Laravel applications completely locally, from your command line, in your own environment.

It replaces the old Workbench Desktop app — no more Docker! Essentially, the Shift CLI is a local, streamlined version of the Shift Workbench.

As a command line application, the Shift CLI provides more flexibility. Allowing you to configure and integrate it into your development workflow.

You may run several tasks for free or purchase a license to run all the tasks.

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Even more tasks.

Purchase a license to run premium tasks, receive updates, and access to new tasks for one year.


Single user license

$99 / year


  • Run all the automation
  • Receive new tasks and updates
  • Shift Workbench access


Full team license

$299 / year


  • Run any task
  • Receive new tasks and updates
  • Single license for whole team

Frequently asked questions

Can I try the Shift CLI before purchasing a license?

Yes. You may install the open-source laravel-shift/cli package to run the free tasks. Once you experience the awesomeness, come back and get your license.

What if I have a Shift Workbench license?

Anyone with an active Shift Workbench license has grandfathered access to the Shift CLI. Simply use your email address and license key when installing the `laravel-shift/cli-premium` package.

Can I use the Shift CLI in my CI environment?

Yes. The Shift CLI is a Composer package like any other. So long as you authenticate with your license key, you may use the Shift CLI in any environment where you can run your project.

Can I use the Shift CLI on my Laravel package?

Yes. While optimized for a Laravel application, the Shift CLI scans all PHP files. So it should perform its automation on code within a Laravel package as well.

Why does the Shift CLI require the latest version of Laravel?

The Shift CLI is about keeping your project fresh. As such, its automation focuses on the latest Laravel features and conventions.

You may use the automated Shifts to upgrade your project to the latest version. Or you may use the Shift Workbench to run tasks on projects running Laravel 6.x or higher.

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