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Laravel Linter

The Laravel Linter scans your Laravel application and makes changes and recommendations to help you follow the "Laravel Way".

What is the "Laravel Way"? Well, it's a collection of practices adopted by the Laravel community combined with analytics from over 11,000 Laravel projects. The goal is to ensure you're crafting your Laravel application to take advantage of all of Laravel's features while maintaining an application that's easy to upgrade.


  • A Laravel application running Laravel 6.0 or higher.
  • Must be able to run composer install from remote server.
  • Application must be free of PHP errors.


The Laravel Linter makes recommendations based on the following opinions:

  • Running the latest stable or LTS version of Laravel.
  • Using objects injected by Laravel where available.
  • Referencing facades explicitly instead of globally.
  • Adopting composition over inheritance for Models and Controllers.
  • Removing unused directories from former Laravel directory structures.
  • Replacing Facade calls with Laravel helpers where available.
  • Leveraging Laravel features instead of "doing it yourself".
  • Following recommendations listed in the Laravel Documentation.
  • Maintaining an application that's easy to upgrade.
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